CIF Safety Summit

Damien Petticrew, our Managing Director took part in a panel discussion on ‘Preventing Mental Ill-Health’ at the CIF’s Safety Summit this week.  It is a topic somewhat overlooked by the construction industry, yet Construction workers are 6 times more likely to die from suicide than from a fall from height. This indicates that whilst the industry is doing well with regards to safety, not enough is being done to recognise and promote employee’s health. This year CJK introduced the Employee Assistance Programme to provide an outlet for our employees and their families to talk about issues in confidence without the worry of financial strain. Along with all the advantages of a career in the construction industry, like with any career path there are disadvantages; the idea of ‘community’ in the Construction Industry can be somewhat of a myth as employees move from site to site, many with different crews and almost certainly with multiple different contractors from different companies. On site, unrealistic programs are putting stress on all sectors of the Construction Industry, balancing supply and demand are problematic. Overseas workers have additional problems, loneliness, language barriers, home sickness, working hours, housing and quality of life, all which can have negative effects on someone’s mental health. The panel discussion was a great opportunity to highlight such issues in the industry and get people thinking about how we can resolve these issues and create an environment that’s not just safe for our employees but one that is healthy.