Accenture 7 Hanover Quay




CJK completed the electrical services to a CAT B bespoke fit out over 7 stories 65,400 sq ft completed within 4 months. Scope of work included : The low voltage installation / Complete installation for earthing systems / Cable management systems to include cable tray, cable ladder, trunking and conduit systems / Final distribution circuits for general service socket systems. / Complete installation for lighting control system / DALI Emergency lighting systems, together with all required testing systems, etc. / Complete installation for all power and control wiring associated with the mechanical services installation / Complete power and control wiring for BMS / Complete wiring installation for security systems / Complete installation for all protective systems to include fire detection systems, air sampling systems and other specialised extinguishing systems, etc.

Additional Info

Project: Accenture Innovation Centre

Location: 7 Hanover Quay, Dublin

Client: Accenture

Contract Value: €3,700,000

Completion Date: 2016